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1997.6.6 信息

Listen, I echo, Lord, I will tell Louis to write this: 1. The word of my Lord must be spread. 2. Obey the Lord. 3. Love one anothers. 4. Empty your heart for Holy Spirit. 5. Always be happy. 6. Pram your children and love them with His love. 7. Walk with Jesus. 8. Devils are sent out of your heart. We should do and spread these commandments to those who loves God. Glory to God! Lord, I love thou. I am Holy Spirit.

留心聽,我回應:「主,我會告訴澤林去寫這些:(1) 主的話一定要廣傳;(2) 順從主;(3) 彼此相愛;(4) 倒空你的心靈讓聖靈充滿;(5) 時常喜樂;(6) 呵護你的兒女,用神的愛去愛他們;(7) 與耶穌同行;(8) 惡魔將被驅出你的心。」我們一定要傳揚這些誡命給那些愛主的人。主啊﹗我愛你。我是聖靈。

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