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E: Endor Ewoks / 可愛熊人

電影《武士復仇》(Return of the Jedi)其中一個劇情,講述男女主角在一個原始森林裡的星球遇險,卻得到當地的土著熊人(Endor Ewoks)幫助,更成為盟友聯手對抗邪惡勢力。可是這些可愛的熊人只有原始的武器,又怎能戰勝擁有先進科技的帝國兵團呢?故事裡他們以微小的力量戰勝眾多的裝甲部隊,關鍵在於「同心合一」。



E: Endor Ewoks

In the Return of the Jedi, there is one scene where members of the Rebel Alliance face danger in the primitive forests on the Moon of Endor. The cuddly bear-like natives of Endor came to accept the Rebel Alliance into their tribe and allied with them in fighting against the evil forces. Who would have thought that these furry warriors, who only had primitive weapons, would be able to go up against the advanced weapons of the Imperial Army? The key to their victory against the armoured forces is “Unity”.

When Apostle Paul wrote to the believers in Ephesus, he told them to put on the full armour of God. (Ephesians 6:10-20) Paul used the singular version of the Greek word “armour”, but how could all the believers fit into “one” armour? Paul was alluding that the church body was unified in such a way that they could put on “one spiritual armour”. Unified as one, they could stand their ground against evil and accomplish the will of God.

Before getting to Gethsemane, Jesus prayed for his disciples and all believers. He prayed six times that all believers might “be one” (John 17) so that they would know God”s love (John 17:23) and with this love they could withstand the devil”s attacks.

Translated by Syros Chan, edited by Anita Chiu