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O: Oola / 與誰共舞?

《武士復仇》(Return of the Jedi)中,賈巴(Jabba)是犯罪集團的首腦,他的城堡裡除了聚集各類歹徒外,還有不少在罪惡邊緣委屈求存的女性,其中一個稱為Oola的舞者,負責舞蹈表演,這個角色充分反映被壓迫的邊緣階層,她們一直盼望得到拯救。




O: Oola

In The Return of the Jedi, the palace of the cruel crime lord Jabba was full of different aliens who do illegal businesses. There were also slaves who had to work for Jabba, one of them was Oola, a green-skinned humanoid who was forced to dance for his pleasure. Oola longed to be rescued.

Similarly, in the Bible there was a prostitute called Rahab, who was living in Jericho, a sinful city. Similarly, she was waiting to be rescued. Even though she was a Gentile, Rahab heard of God”s mighty deeds for the Israelite people and that He has given the Israelites a promised land and she secretly feared the almighty God and believed in His great love. Rahab decided to help hide the Israelite spies that were sent to scout the city (Joshua 2:1 – 21). When Jericho was overtaken, Rahab”s faith saved her and her family.

This is the meaning behind what Apostles Paul and Silas said in Acts 16:31: “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with everyone in your household.”

The original name of Joshua, one of the spies that had been sent to Jericho, was “Hoshea” (Numbers 13:8); meaning “salvation”. Moses gave Joshua his name (Numbers 13:16) and gave it more significance since the meaning of Joshua is “God is salvation”. Rahab understood that it was not just a coincidence that the two spies had come to her house – it happened because God was her salvation.