Thursday, June 13, 2024

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P: Captain Phasma / 普拉斯馬隊長

無可置疑,《星球大戰》是男性主導的電影,而且頗受不同年齡的男性觀眾歡迎。很多北美的孩子首次欣賞《星戰》電影,全是作父親的主動陪伴他們觀看;大概這些父親都是科幻電影的愛好者。這些電影不只是給予孩子科幻影像的觀能刺激,更是成長時期的親子記憶。難怪第一代已經成長的《星戰》觀眾,十分期待最新的「星戰」電影《原力覺醒》(The Force Awakens),原來他們要和自己的孩子重溫親子的美夢。

話說回來,《星戰》電影迷不僅期待《原力覺醒》的故事發展,還會十分留意首次在《星戰》電影中出現的女軍官:普拉斯馬隊長(Captain Phasma),她身穿耀眼的銀盔甲,配搭斜肩黑披風,領導帝國士兵勇猛作戰。她在剛陽氣十足的星戰電影中脫穎而出,成為別具一格的角色。



P: Captain Phasma

Without a doubt, Star Wars is a male-dominant movie series that attracts a wide age range of the male audiences. Many North American children were probably first brought to watch the Star Wars movies by their science-fiction-fan father. Watching these Star Wars movies not only peaks children”s science fiction imagination, but these became part of their childhood memories. No wonder there was such so much excitement for The Force Awakens from the first generation of audiences who had originally watched Star Wars as a child – they want to re-live their “childhood memories” with their own children.

Star Wars fans must be really eager to delve into the plot development of The Force Awakens. There is a lot of excitement and anticipation to for the appearance of the first female captain in the Star Wars Saga: Captain Phasma. She dons shiny metallic armour and a black cape and she commands the First Order”s army. She is definitely an outstanding character particularly to a male dominated audience.

There was also an outstanding female character during the time of the Judges in the Old Testament, named Deborah. The time of the Judges was considered a dark period in the Israelites history. God raised up the prophetess Deborah to lead the Israelites out of their hardship and misery. The Bible recounts the bravery of Deborah – wife of Lappidoth (which means torch). (Judges 4:4) Some Bible interpreters think that Lappidoth is not an actual name. So, “Wife of Lappidoth” can be translated to “Woman of Torch”. As such, Deborah is a woman who brings light to brighten up the dark time.

To the ladies: You have a great mission, please become the Deborah of this generation – flawless daughters of God. Be the light that can be shed onto this twisted and sinful generation!