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Q: Queen Amidala / 高貴王后

《星球大戰前傳:魅影危機》裡的艾米達拉王后(Queen Amidala)是納布(Naboo)星球的統治者,作為一個十四歲便登上權力寶座的少女,她年輕,卻機智;她嬌小,但高貴。她並沒有像十八世紀的法國瑪麗王后那樣荒誕無知,卻懷著堅定的信心,秉承公義。艾米達拉這個角色在故事中顯出尊貴的品性,在於她為自己的人民無私的付出。




Q: Queen Amidala

In Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, Queen Amidala is the ruler of the Planet of Nabooo. She became queen at the tender age of fourteen: young, clever, petite and royal. She was not like some young queens such as Mary, Queen of France in the 18th century who was naive and clueless. Queen Amidala was just and full of confidence. She had all the good qualities of a selfless queen who was determined to do the best for her people.

In the Bible, there was a selfless queen who was willing to make sacrifices for her people. Esther, a young, pretty Jewish girl, who was favoured by King Xerxes and chosen to be his queen. When the Jewish people were facing the danger of being destroyed by Haman, Esther did not hesitate to speak up to the King and asked for his pardon on her people. Because of her quick wit and determination, she was able to save the Jews and have their enemy, Haman impaled on a pole.

In Hebrew, Esther”s original name “Hadassah” translates to a fruit which is common and insignificant. When she entered the palace, she was given a Persian name “Ester” which translated to “Aster” or “Esther” in the Greek language – meaning “Star”. Because of Esther”s faith and love for her people, she transformed herself from a small, insignificant fruit to a bright and shiny star.