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S: Sand People / 沙漠土匪

塔圖因星球(Tatooine)是《星球大戰》中安納金(Anakin Skywalker)的故鄉。它是一顆巨大的沙漠行星,沙人(Sand people)是居住於此的游牧民族,他們與世隔絕,有獨特的文化和信仰。他們憎恨所有外來人,凡事訴諸武力,流無辜人的血,是罪大惡極的沙漠暴徒。





S: Sand People

In Star Wars, Tatooine is the place where Anakin Skywalker grew up. It is a vast desert-like planet where the Sand People live. Tusken Sand People (Tusken Raiders) are a group of isolated nomadic indigenous of Tatooine and they are often hostile to the local settlers. During one raid, they kidnapped Anakin Skywalker”s mother and tortured her to death. Anakin unleashed his rage on the whole Sand People tribe, killing every Tusken he found, thus eventually leading himself to be overcome with the dark side.

The world is full of sins which bring forth hatred. Like a vicious circle, hatred can only serve to bring on more sinful deeds. In Proverbs 10:12, it states: “Hatred stirs up conflicts, but love covers over all wrongs.” The Bible indicates that love is the only way to cover all the wrongs and imperfections. Even though laws are set to judge sinful and wrongful actions, it is love for each other that is able to banish the sins and bitterness in one”s heart. Love can bring people to see the truth and to lead them back to walk in the right path. (James 5:19 – 20)

You always lose, when you lost your temple. (Rick Warren) #Rick Warren