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V: Darth Vader / 黑武士

《星 戰》故事的主線是講述男主角安納金(Anakin Skywalker)一生的事蹟。作者從《聖經》借用了一些概念,設定男主角是絕地武士預言中帶有原力平衡的揀選者(Chosen One);但是他輕看自己的位分,沒有謹慎地處理情緒。面對邪惡的不住試探,他終於讓憤恨完全佔據心靈,墮入黑暗,臣服於邪惡帝國的當權者,從此活在「黑 武士」(Darth Vader)的面具裡。眾所週知,黑武士的造型源自日本武士的盔甲,那個猙獰的面具(面頬、めんぽう),稱為「恐懼之面」(Mask of fear),作用是在戰場上恐嚇敵人,同時也要掩藏自己的畏懼,原來黑武士強悍的外貌,正是用來壓抑內心的懼怕。

世上有很多甘於 平凡的人,認為自己不是甚麼揀選者,並不會遇上試探。事實上,每一個在世上的人都不是偶然地存留,我們都是被揀選而活在當下。上帝賜予我們自由意志,盼望 我們選擇跟從那賜美好生命的上帝,並且相信神賞賜那尋求祂的人,而被揀選的人則按著恩賜,同心建立更美的國度。

可惜人常常自視過高,以為 可以在罪惡的世界裡獨善其身,拒絕跟隨上帝。其實這樣的抉擇等同選擇跟隨黑暗,因為那惡者會不停斷地試探你,直至你軟弱下來,全然受控於黑暗裡,最終失去 永生的盼望。惟有相信那被差來拯救世人的耶穌基督,我們才可得稱為義,成為神的兒女,享受與主同在的喜樂。

朋友,你願意成為上帝的 “Chosen One”,成為祂的兒女嗎?抑或像黑武士那樣,把自己的一生掩藏於畏懼面具之內呢?

V: Darth Vader

The Star Wars saga”s plot is literally a biography of Anakin Skywalker. This story has a parallel story in concept to the Bible about the prophecy of a “Chosen One”. According to the Jedi prophecy, Anakin Skywalker was believed to be the “Chosen One” who would bring balance to the Force. However, he initially didn”t take his calling seriously and didn”t manage his emotions carefully. Having faced many temptations and tests, he ultimately succumbs to his anger; allowing bitter resentments to take over his soul. Gradually, Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side and became an authoritative figure in the Imperial Empire. Since then, he wore a mask and was known as Darth Vader. As was mentioned previously, the costume design of Darth Vader is based on the uniform of the Japanese Military Commander of the Edo period. The ferocious-looking mask that the commanders wore was called “Mask of Fear”: the mask was used to scare the enemies on the battlefield. At the same time, it was used to hide their own fears. One say: No matter how intimidating Darth Vader might look, his uniform merely serves the purpose of repressing his inner fear.

Many people think that because they are ordinary folks, they will never face the same temptations of the “Chosen One”. The truth is that every human being on earth is not an insignificant living creature leading an aimless life. God has given every single human the freedom of choice. God is wishing that we all choose to follow Him. He wants everyone to become the “Chosen One” who uses their talents and leads a good, purposeful life.

Many feel that they can lead a good life in their own ways and in doing so refuse to accept the Living God as their master. Refusing God”s love leads them into a path of darkness. For the Evil One is constantly luring every chance to tempt people to sin. Satan will not stop in trying until we weaken and fall into the darkness of sins, losing our hope of redemption.

Only through the salvation of God”s Chosen One – Jesus, who was sent to earth to save all sinners, can we be saved and become the “Sons of God”. Friends, which path would you choose? To become a “Chosen One” of God or to become one like “Darth Vader” who always hides himself behind a mask of fear?